Try somewhere different for a successful first date -
So you’ve been online dating and just lined up your first date! We say skip the dinner and a film and do something a bit more memorable and creative. Make a great first impression by trying one of these first date ideas…

Ice Skating

Stir up fond memories of ice skating (and falling). Show your willingness to do something potentially embarrassing and get the chance to hold each other.

BoatingFirst Date ideas - boating -

A tranquil environment and changing scenery means there’s plenty of things to talk about. However preparation is key; to avoid disaster make sure your boat of choice is safe and mechanically sound, make sure you are both dressed appropriately, pack a blanket, drinks and packed lunch.


Clear skies, a telescope and a blanket in a park makes for a great first date (replete with natural opportunities for long conversation and first-kiss moments!). Remember to impress your date by reading up on the constellations and stars.

Stand-up Comedy

The tried-and-tested key to your date’s heart is not an expensive meal or a bunch of flowers. It’s making them laugh. Make that task infinitely easier by taking your date to see some comedy. Enjoy some drinks at the same time and then see how the evening progresses!

New CuisineFirst Date ideas - try new cuisine -

Choose a new ethnic food that neither of you have tried before. It shows you’re down with the latest foody trends and that element of adventure will add some excitement to your date. How about a fusion restaurant, fashionable Italian aperitivo bar or Vietnamese? It’s a lot of fun and allows for lots of conversation.

What do you think? Where have you had your most successful first dates?  Leave your comments below.

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